Staff Association of the United Nations Development Programme vice-chairperson, Leonard Shabangu, addressing the Regional Director. Photo credit/UNDP Eswatini

The UNDP Director for the Regional Bureau for Africa, Ms. Ahunna Eziakonwa, has commended staff at Eswatini Country Office for their commitment to their work. She said the UNDP Eswatini employees have  produced outstanding results even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She was addressing the staff as she was about to conclude her week-long virtual mission to the Kingdom on March 25. She observed that even though some staff members were infected with COVID-19 while others had families who were affected, they stayed true to the course.

“I heard about all the good work that partners said you have been doing,” she said.

Eziakonwa noted that  through its dedicated staff, UNDP Eswatini delivered on its programme and went on to put together a new Country Programe Document (CPD). She had launched the new CPD together with the Minister of Economic Planning and Development, Honorable Dr Tambo Gina, earlier on the same day. She said the staff also contributed to the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework during the difficult period.

“You were able to achieve all these in the middle of a pandemic with a very small team and limited resources,” said Eziakonwa.

She also commended senior management for being creative in trying to make up for the gaps in human resources given the amount of work to be carried out.

The Staff Association of the United Nations Development Programme vice-chairperson, Leonard Shabangu, thanked Eziakonwa for her visit to Eswatini and for providing a platform for employees to engage with her. He also expressed the staff’s gratitude about the management’s positive response proposed activities such as frequent staff meetings and an office mini-retreat.

“We would also like to share that we are led by a Management team that is supportive, empowering, and sensitive towards staff issues,” said Shabangu.

The staff also appreciated the provision of support for telecommuting and improved internet connectivity packages, all of which contribute to the ease of working from home and delivering good results during COVID-19.


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