Youth unemployment - A key frontier challenge for the Eswatini Accelerator Lab

Today, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Eswatini launched its Accelerator Lab at Happy Valley Hotel, Ezulwini.   

The UNDP Eswatini Accelerator Lab is part of the Accelerator Lab Global Learning Network of 60 in 78 in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s new offering to working in development.  It is a collective approach by introducing new ways of doing development, backed by evidence and practice, which accelerates the testing and dissemination and sharing of solutions within and across countries.

The global network of the Labs offers diverse mechanism that enables the sharing in real time, at speed and scale of local solutions, to the global network.  Eswatini like all countries globally is facing its own unique development challenges and has its own unique opportunities and local solutions. The Lab therefore offers Eswatini an avenue to learn or apply from others. The world is interconnected – a local solution in Eswatini may trigger a solution in another country and vice versa.

The Accelerator Lab introduces new protocols of exploration, solutions mapping and experimentation. With emergent challenges such as climate change, technology and artificial intelligence, it is important the UNDP and partners be innovatively responsive faster and collectively.

The Accelerator Lab Global Learning Network is supported by the Qatar Fund, the Italy Agency for Development Cooperation and the German Cooperation.


For more information and media interviews, contact:
Wakhile Mkhonza
United Nations Development Programme
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Tel +268 2409 6659
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