Exploring Sustainable Solutions to Single-use Diapers

While several waste streams are a challenge in Eswatini, sanitary waste stood out, in particular, used disposable diapers.  

Cottage industry: a promising path for socio economic growth

The local cottage industry seems to be the backbone of the economy but it hasn’t been well researched.  

UNDP Positions Eswatini to Benefit from E-Commerce in the African Free Trade Area

To fulfil its mandate of supporting the Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable jobs, UNDP Eswatini is eyeing AfCFTA to allow local MSMEs access to the…  

Women Generate Income As “Phatsa Sakho Nawe” Gains Momentum

A UNDP-supported campaign aimed at discouraging shoppers from carrying their groceries in single-use shopping bags is helping women to generate income.  

UNDP Allocates USD600 000 to Eswatini for Business in Waste Management

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has allocated $600 000 (E9 million) to the Kingdom of Eswatini for sustainable waste management and creating business opportunities.  

Business growth and policy development for Eswatini’s informal sector

Creating an enabling environment for business growth and policy development for Eswatini's informal sector to move beyond addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges and how to build…  

COVID-19 Response

Digital solutions for business continuity of Eswatini’s informal sector

For the informal sector, the COVID 19 pandemic one of the biggest challenges ever faced. Between the lockdown and the looming economic downturn, this…

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