Potential long lasting benefits of youth entrepreneurship in Eswatini are promising. It is clear that the country has a hive of innovative ideas that have the potential for upscaling and bringing long lasting solutions to the country's development challenges.
"Success doesn’t come fast but after multiple attempts and failure. It is only the determination and eagerness to succeed that makes the business grow."
Research on the correlation between youth unemployment and mental health in Eswatini.
The UNDP Eswatini Accelerator Lab is part of the Accelerator Lab Global Learning Network of 60 in 78 in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, Eastern Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.
Key to the Master Plan are the 26 flagship projects designed to ensure short to medium term economic impact – linked to the SDGs.
Video highlights of the UNDP Eswatini Accelerator Lab launch.

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