Strengthening Capacities for Poverty Reduction: UNDP work in poverty reduction focuses on economic growth not only to address poverty, but as a mechanism to achieve the nationally prioritized SDG targets through implementation of the revised NDS and the National Programme of Action. The central focus is supporting development frameworks that contribute to the stimulation of innovative use of the productive resources by all. Under this portfolio the country office supports the following efforts: 

  * SDGs; 

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change: UNDP supports sustainable economic growth through effective management of natural resources; strengthened adaptive national and regional climate change capacities; devolution of disaster risk management capacities leading to resilience building at both institutional and local levels.

Governance and Citizen Participation: UNDP promotes good governance through strengthening public institutions oversight function and delivery of efficient quality services; increase citizens voice and participation in public accountability and advancement of transparency; strengthen knowledge-based research for informed evidence-based advocacy; and national and local authority elections.

Facility for Upstsream Engagement: 

Strengthening National Protected Areas (SNPAS): The objective of the project is to effectively expand, manage and develop Swaziland’s protected area network in order to adequately protect the biodiversity and landscapes of the country.

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