How does UNDP do business

UNDP thrives in ensuring fair procurement processes among its suppliers are followed.

UNDP Swaziland conducts its procurement activities with the highest degree of transparency in order to ensure that suppliers may compete fairly and equally for procurement business opportunities.  The integrity of our procurement process stem from strict compliance with established UNDP global guidelines, which conform to internationally recognized procurement standards and best practices.  Requests for further information or clarification of the procurement practices of UNDP Swaziland may be addressed in writing to the Procurement Team (
Opening of Bids/Proposals
Under UNDP protocol, bids for contracts exceeding USD100, 000 are opened publicly at the time and place specified in the tender document.  This is normally done on the closing date that the offers must be submitted. Public opening for proposals received in response to a request for proposal (RFP) is optional, since the price proposals cannot be opened without completing the technical evaluation. RFQ method does not require public opening, although UNDP Swaziland reserves the right to open such bids publicly. Irrespective of the procurement method, bid prices are not publicized at bid openings. At bid openings, compliant bidders are assured that properly submitted bids would be evaluated. Only suppliers who have submitted bids may attend the bid opening.
Bid Evaluation
An evaluation panel under the guidance of a senior manager evaluates the qualified bids.  The evaluation panel normally comprises
specialists in the particular field and representatives of the end user. The evaluation of the bids is based on the factors listed in the invitation to bid. Proposals are evaluated technically, then financially.  Responsive bids with satisfactory technical criteria will have their financial offers reviewed for further / combined assessment.

Award of Contract
Bid evaluation reports are further reviewed by Senior Management / Contract Committee (Tender Board). This process takes place at Country Office level or at UNDP Headquarters, depending on the overall complexity and magnitude of the contract.  The basis of the contract award is dependent on the procurement method. When an RFQ has been used, contracts are awarded to the qualified and responsive supplier submitting the most competitive bid. When ITB or RFP methods are used, contracts are awarded to the offeror whose technical proposal best meets qualifying criteria and whose price proposal is the most competitive.  UNDP does not normally debrief unsuccessful offerors. However, in the case of highly  technical or complex awards, a debriefing may be provided upon request from an unsuccessful offeror.

Procurement notices


List of contract awards

Project title
Vendor name
Value $
Conversion from HCFC for Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators  Transfair $627, 947.00