All vacancies are advertised for the following during; Individual Contractors are advertised for a minimum of 7 days and staff vacancies are advertised for a minimum of 14 days. A screening process consisting of a long list, a short list and an interview is conducted before  the successful is chosen. The recuitment process normally takes 3 to 4 weeks. Women and other vulnerable are encouraged to apply for our openings.



Expression of Interest

* UNDP_SZ_TOR_Parliament_Website_Development.pdf
A consultant is required to undertake the establishment of the Swaziland Parliament website that will be interactive, allows audio and video webcasting including live and or through on demand, archive, texts, public submissions, notifications and alerting services, documents upload and download to mention a few. The website should also be designed to be accessible responsive to persons with disability and easy to operate. The Consultant must submit comprehensive proposal on the development of a citizen centric Parliamentary website.
* UNDP_SZ_TOR Judiciary Strategic Plan 100616.pdf
The Judicature is an independent entity established by the Constitution of Swaziland (2005) as one of the three arms of Government. Its main responsibility is to provide equitable and efficient administration of justice for all including the promotion and protection of human rights. The Jurisdiction of the judiciary is that of all matters pertaining to civil and criminal justice including the constitution and other such jurisdictions as may by law be conferred on it (Art 139.2). In Swaziland the Judicature constitutes of the Supreme Court, the High Court, the Magistrates Courts, Industrial Court, the Master of High Court, Traditional Courts and Specialised Courts...
* UNDP_SZ_TOR Project Evaluation Final.pdf
The project themed “strengthening the capacity of national volunteer infrastructure for HIV and AIDS response in Swaziland (2011 - 2015) is a joint initiative between UNDP, UNV International and UNAIDS-TSP. The project was implemented by NERCHA from the period 2011-2014 and managed by CANGO in 2015...