MDG Report 2012

10 Sep 2012 (Size: 6MB)

Improving The Lives Of The Present and Future Generations

Given the challenging socio economic conditions of the country resulting from the global crisis, which led to the huge decline in South African Custom Union (SACU) revenue, it became imperative for the country to develop an Economic Recovery Strategy (ERS) that will complement and support the NDS and PRASP as national planning frameworks that provide a platform for achieving Vision 2022. Although the country still has challenges in achieving an economic growth rate of five percent annually, which is a prerequisite to effectively implement the PRSAP and attain the MDGs targets by 2015, there has been considerable progress in other areas. These include amongst others: the adoption of the new Constitution, introduction of Free Primary Education, establishment of the Anti-Corruption Unit, introduction of Elderly Grants and establishment of the Revenue Authority.